Security Tightened On Tokyo 2020 Marathon Route

Security tightened on Tokyo 2020 marathon route

Tokyo police will put into place special terror-prevention measures at the Marathon Grand Championship taking place on Sunday. It is being done in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The MGC is a qualifier for next year's Olympics. It will take place on the planned route for the Olympic marathon, except for the start and finish points.

Authorities are fearful of terror attacks involving vehicles used as a weapon, as has happened in other countries.

Major intersections will be cordoned off to prevent the entry of suspicious vehicles. Sources say the police are even putting up Israeli-made special fences at intersections. They say the fences can stop a vehicle from ramming through the crowd.

The police will also dispatch a special unit to spot suspicious drones. Officers with the public relations unit "DJ Police," which is fondly known for rhythmic appeals to follow the rules, will call on people not to fly drones near the marathon route.