Severe Heat Continues Across Much Of Japan

Severe heat continues across much of Japan

Severe heat continues to grip much of Japan, with temperatures soaring to 35 degrees Celsius or higher in many places.

The Meteorological Agency says high pressure systems over most of the country began pushing up temperatures on Friday morning.

As of 10:30 AM, the mercury reached 36.4 degrees in the city of Obu in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan. The temperature climbed to 36 degrees in 4 other cities: Nagoya; Mino in Gifu Prefecture; Kuwana in Mie Prefecture; and Kiryu in Gunma Prefecture.

The mercury hit 34.9 degrees in central Tokyo, 34.6 degrees in Kyoto, 34.3 degrees in Okayama and Fukuoka, and 34.1 degrees in the city of Ozu in Ehime Prefecture.

Weather officials say daytime highs could reach 39 degrees, mainly in the Tokai and Kanto regions, and Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures.

Many people with complications related to heatstroke have been treated at hospitals. Many deaths have also been reported.

Experts are calling on people to refrain from exercising during the day, use air conditioners, drink plenty of water and take salt.

They are urging residents of areas hit by the recent record rainfall in western Japan to be especially cautious due to fatigue and unusual living conditions.