Shibuya Mayor Proposes Drinking Ban For Halloween

Shibuya Mayor proposes drinking ban for Halloween

The mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward has told a news conference that he will introduce a bill to ban drinking on the streets and parks near Shibuya station during Halloween and other major events.

Shibuya is a magnet for young people. But some of them caused trouble on the weekend just before Halloween last year. Drunk youths overturned a parked vehicle and started fights.

A panel set up by the Shibuya Ward Office has come up with proposals to tackle these problems.

Shibuya Mayor Ken Hasebe says the proposals are designed to make sure that people can enjoy themselves in Shibuya as long as they abide by the rules. Hasebe said he will use the recommendations as a basis for drawing up an ordinance to impose a drinking ban on the streets and parks near Shibuya Station during Halloween and the New Years' Eve countdown. Hasebe said, however, he hasn't decided whether the proposed ordinance should carry penalties.

He said active efforts to enforce the drinking ban would be costly and involve a lot of personnel. He also said he will make a final decision following discussions at the Assembly.

The mayor said he plans to present a bill on the ordinance at a June regular meeting of the Assembly.

Local shop owners who had their property vandalized by drunk revelers last year are calling for strong and effective measures.