Shimane City Protests At U.s. Drill Due To Property Damage

Shimane city protests at U.S. drill due to property damageA city in western Japan's Shimane Prefecture protested Wednesday at U.S. Marines' flight training as shock wave generated by a drill last month broke a window of a private residence in the municipality.

The city of Hamada told a municipal assembly session that the sonic boom of U.S. military aircraft damaged the window and rattled buildings on Jan. 15, which triggered about 10 complaints from local residents.

The Defense Ministry's branch covering the city said aircraft that belong to the U.S. Marine Corps' Iwakuni Air Station in the neighboring Yamaguchi Prefecture conducted low-level flight training in Hamada on that day.

The city on Wednesday sent a petition to the Iwakuni base, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo as well as the Japanese foreign and defense ministries, requesting the cancellation of such drills.

The U.S. military Osprey aircraft, which are now deployed at the Marines' Futenma Air Station in southern Japan's Okinawa Prefecture, are expected to fly over the Chugoku region covering the Shimane city in future low-level flight training.