Shimane Pref. Pushes Takeshima Sovereignty

Shimane Pref. pushes Takeshima sovereigntyLocal legislators in western Japan are urging the central government to do more to assert sovereignty over the Takeshima Islands in the Sea of Japan.

Members of the Shimane Prefectural assembly on Thursday passed a resolution on the islands. South Korea has controlled the territory since the early 1950s. But the Japanese government maintains the islands are under the jurisdiction of Shimane Prefecture.


The move comes following the visit to Takeshima in August by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

The document was adopted by the assembly with the support of 34 of its 36 members.

The resolution says South Korea's actions insulted the Japanese people and caused great regret for the prefecture, which has worked hard to establish Japan's sovereignty of the islands.

The assembly members call on the central government to swiftly set up a dedicated section on Takeshima, and to thoroughly teach children about the islands at school.

They also urge the central government to designate a national "Takeshima Day". The prefecture in 2005 designated February 22nd as "Takeshima Day", to mark the date in 1905 when the islands were placed under Shimane's jurisdiction.

via NHK