Shinkansen Train Stops After Door Opens

Shinkansen train stops after door opens

A Shinkansen bullet train made an emergency stop after one of its doors opened while speeding through northeastern Japan.

East Japan Railway says the Tohoku Shinkansen train bound for Tokyo left Sendai at 10:07 a.m. on Wednesday. Ten minutes later, while the train was running at about 280 kilometers per hour, the driver was alerted that a door on one of the cars had opened.

The driver engaged the emergency brakes, and the train stopped inside a tunnel.

The door was found to be fully open.

About 340 people were on the train, but no one was injured.

East Japan Railway says a cleaner at Sendai station forgot to close the car's device that manually opens and closes doors.

The door may have opened due to the force of the wind as the train picked up speed.

The company has apologized for the incident and is considering measures to prevent a recurrence.