Shizuoka Prefecture Considers Ban On Winter Climbs Up Mt. Fuji

Shizuoka Prefecture considers ban on winter climbs up Mt. FujiWith a significant bump in climber numbers expected once Mount Fuji becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shizuoka Prefecture and neighbor Yamanashi Prefecture are locking horns over whether to allow winter hikes up the iconic mountain.

Shizuoka Prefecture is considering a ban on winter climbs. Its neighbor Yamanashi Prefecture, which also has a significant chunk of Mount Fuji within its borders, opposes the plan.

There are four climbing routes on Mount Fuji, of which three -- Subashiri, Fujinomiya and Gotemba -- are in Shizuoka Prefecture. Yamanashi, meanwhile, has only the Yoshida route. However, out of last year's 320,000 climbers to tackle the famous peak, some 190,000 went up the Yoshida route.