Shogi Master Habu Ties With Holder Of Record Wins

Shogi master Habu ties with holder of record wins

Shogi professional player Yoshiharu Habu has tied with the holder of record number of wins in the game of Japanese chess.

The 48-year-old shogi master played on Thursday a league match to be qualified as the challenger for the Oi title series, one of the eight major shogi titles.

The ninth-dan master won a match against Koji Tanigawa, who also holds the ninth-dan, the highest rank.

The victory marked the 1,433rd for Habu that equals the record number of wins held by 15th meijin Yasuharu Oyama who continued to play until he died at the age of 69. Habu achieved the record at the age of 48 years and seven months.

Habu became a professional shogi player in 1985 at the age of 15 years and two months.

In 1996, he became the first player to clinch all seven major titles at that time.

He received last year the People's Honor Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in shogi.