Shuri Castle Investigation Expected To Take Days

Shuri Castle investigation expected to take days

Police say it will take several days at the minimum to complete their investigation into the cause of the fire at Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan.

The blaze engulfed the World Heritage-listed site in Naha City as it raged for 11 hours on Thursday. The main structures of the castle, including the wooden 3-story main hall, were destroyed.

Police suspect the fire started in the northern section of the main hall.

Their investigation is being slowed by large piles of debris from the 7 structures that burned down.

Locals and visitors are both eager to have the castle rebuilt.

A Shuri resident in her 70s said the castle is the symbol of Okinawa's soul and she contribute in any way she can to the rebuilding effort.

A tourist from Osaka Prefecture, who lived in Okinawa about 20 years ago, said the castle is part of the local culture, and that Okinawans built it scratch after the island was devastated in World War Two. He said the castle is a symbol of reconstruction and as such he hopes it will be rebuilt.

In Tokyo, a shop in the Ginza district selling specialties from Okinawa has set up a make-shift donation box in response to offers from people willing to contribute.

One woman made an anonymous donation of about 500 dollars. She explained that she has deep ties to Okinawa.