Shuri Castle Main Hall Rebuilt As 3d Digital Model

Shuri Castle main hall rebuilt as 3D digital model

A group of researchers has reconstructed in 3D digital form the main hall of fire-hit Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture using some 30,000 images provided by the public.

The group for the Shuri Castle Digital Reconstruction project says about 3,000 people sent in photos and video clips they had taken during their visits to the castle. It says the images were sent not only from Japan but China, South Korea and elsewhere.

A lecturer at the University of Tokyo, Rei Kawakami, led the call for donations for the project after a massive fire destroyed the historic castle on October 31.

The ruins of the original castle, built about 500 years ago, are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The researchers combined the images to recreate the main hall in vivid colors, detailing its arched roof and dragon pillars at the entrance.

They say the view can be experienced in virtual reality images through a smartphone app.

The group is hoping to collect more images to rebuild other structures of the castle as well.

Kawakami says she appreciates the cooperation of so many people. She says she wants people in Okinawa to know how much the castle is loved.

The project's website is: