Small Firm Takes Lead In Industrial Waste Recycle As High As 99%

Small firm takes lead in industrial waste recycle as high as 99%Around 1,500 people visit an industrial waste treatment factory in central Japan each year to see how its operator can recycle more than 99 percent of the solid garbage it receives from a wide variety of manufacturers and municipalities.

Nakadai Co., which covers the Kanto region of eastern Japan, accepts 60 tons of waste each day, such as wooden materials, plastics, cardboard boxes, personal computers, auto parts and fluorescent lamps, which it recycles and resells to about 50 customers.

Most industrial waste treatment companies specialize in handling a single type of waste for disposal. But Nakadai, founded as a scrap iron processor in Tokyo in 1937, has tried to diversify its sources of income by obtaining most of the nearly 20 types of licenses required for the disposal of waste since the late 1990s.