Snow Getting Heavier In Tokyo

Snow getting heavier in Tokyo

Authorities in Japan are warning that heavy snow could fall over central Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto region. They're calling on people to be prepared.

The Meteorological Agency said on Saturday a strong cold air mass and passing low-pressure system are combining to dump snow over wide areas.

It says mountains near the capital could get as much as 10 centimeters...and Tokyo's 23 wards might get up to five.

Authorities say it's possible the conditions will disrupt traffic and transport services. They're urging people to take care on icy roads and footpaths. And they're advising drivers to use winter tires or chains.

Airlines have already cancelled nearly 100 flights in and out of Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Narita Airport in neighboring Chiba Prefecture.

They're urging travelers to check online for the latest flight information, as there may be more delays.