Snowdrifts In Tokyo, Piles In Kanto - Koshin Region

Snowdrifts in Tokyo, piles in Kanto-Koshin region

Weather officials are warning of snow in Tokyo and surrounding areas on Sunday. Snow could accumulate even in central Tokyo.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says a low-pressure system and a weather front have brought snow to mountainous areas in the Kanto-Koshin region.

Sleet has even been falling in some low-lying areas.

The low that spawned on the front is expected to move east as it develops with cold air flowing into the Japanese archipelago. It is predicted to bring heavy snow to the mountains in Kanto-Koshin through Sunday night and to the region's low-lying areas through early Sunday afternoon.

In the 24 hours to Sunday evening, up to five centimeters of snow is expected in central Tokyo.

The snow may become heavier, depending on temperatures as well as where the low will move and whether it will develop further.

Weather officials urge people to be on the alert for possible disruptions to transportation due to accumulated snow.

They warn of the possibility of accidents while walking on icy roads. They also warn that snow could collapse greenhouses and stick to power lines and trees.