Snowfall Continues Along Japan Sea Coast

Snowfall continues along Japan Sea coast

Heavy snow fell on mountainous areas in Japan on Friday night. Snowfall also continued mostly along the Japan Sea coast from northern to western Japan.

The Meteorological Agency says the winter-type weather pattern strengthened, bringing in cold air mass.

As of 11 PM, snowfall of 1.47 meters had accumulated in Okura Village, Yamagata Prefecture, northern Japan. Hinoemata Village in Fukushima Prefecture had 90 centimeters.

Snowfall accumulated even in western Japan, where four centimeters were recorded in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture.

The snow is expected to continue mainly along the Japan Sea coast through Sunday. Up to 70 centimeters are forecast in the 24 hours through late Saturday afternoon in Niigata Prefecture and the Kanto Koshin region. Up to 60 centimeters are expected in Tohoku and Hokuriku.

Forty to 60 centimeters are predicted in the 24 hours through late Sunday afternoon in the Kanto Koshin region.

Blizzards are forecast in northern Japan and Hokuriku. Gusts of up to 72 kilometers an hour may hit Hokkaido and Hokuriku on Saturday.

Stormy seas are expected and waves over six meters high are forecast in Hokuriku.

The agency is advising people to be careful of snowstorms, its effects on transportation, avalanches, and snow that has accumulated on power cables and trees.