Space Elevator Technology Test Held In Fukushima

Space elevator technology test held in Fukushima

A group of researchers conducted a test to develop technology for a space elevator that would link the Earth and outer space using cables.

The Japan Space Elevator Association carried out the experiment on Wednesday at the Fukushima Robot Test Field in Fukushima Prefecture.

Space elevators are seen as a way to transport people and supplies to stationary satellites.

In the test, a freighter device carrying a small robot that would be used for celestial probes ascended a 100-meter-long cable hung from a balloon.

The robot jumped off the carrier and landed by parachute.

The Fukushima prefectural government opened the testing center in Minamisoma City to help the area recover from the 2011 tsunami and nuclear accident, as well as to develop a hub for the robot industry.

Association head Shuichi Ono says scientists previously had no place to conduct large-scale field tests.

Ono also says the association wants to conduct more such tests to nurture space development technology in the prefecture.