Sport Body Urges Transparency In Cycling Selection

Sport body urges transparency in cycling selection

The Japan Sports Arbitration Agency has urged the country's Cycling Federation to ensure its selection process for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is transparent and satisfactory to athletes.

The agency made the request despite its earlier dismissal of a cyclist's complaint that the federation's selection criteria unfairly discriminates by gender.

The complaint was lodged by a female cyclist who appealed for a review of the road-racing selection rules. She said the criteria is unreasonable because it differs for men and women.

The arbitration body rejected the request on Wednesday. Officials said the selection criteria do not necessarily violate principles of gender equality.

Agency chief Kazuhiko Yamamoto told reporters on Thursday that the cycling federation's discretion should be respected, as long as its decisions are practical and aimed at winning medals.

However, he said the federation should have offered a more convincing explanation of its selection criteria.

The process to determine which cyclists get a slot for the Tokyo Games will soon go into full swing.

The agency chief says he hopes the federation will set rules that are transparent and satisfy all athletes, and apply them in a fair manner. He says the arbitration body is ready to react promptly if further complaints are filed.