Star Panda Cub In Tokyo Begins To Live Alone

Star panda cub in Tokyo begins to live alone

A popular giant panda cub at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has begun to live alone, as part of a process in preparation for adult life.

Zoo officials initiated the process last month by separating Xiang Xiang from her mother, and aim to have her independent when she turns 18 months old on Wednesday.

Xiang Xiang had often fed on her mother's milk at night, but she began to spend her nights alone earlier this month.

On Monday, she entered a new phase of her life and spends all day on her own.

Officials say she appears comfortable being indoors, and moves to her favorite spot in an outside playground. Her appetite for bamboo shoots and leaves remains normal.

Officials also say her preparation for adult life is moving ahead smoothly, and that they will keep an eye on her so she will be able to live completely on her own by the end of this month.