Starro Rising: Grammy Nom Puts Japanese Music Producer In New Galaxy

StarRo rising: Grammy nom puts Japanese music producer in new galaxyFinding out that you have been nominated for a Grammy on Twitter is one thing, but when you did not even realize one of your songs was submitted for consideration, that is a surprise Shinya Mizoguchi -- known by his stage name, starRo -- still cannot fathom.

"Even now, it's kind of unbelievable," Mizoguchi, who lives in Los Angeles, said in a recent interview. "It just, like, came out so quick...I didn't even know a category for remixes exists, and I didn't know my remix was submitted, so it just basically came out of nowhere."

He was still in bed when he got the news, and obviously Mizoguchi had to tell someone, but his wife did not exactly give him the high-five the career-making moment deserved.