State Banquet Honors Trump, First Lady

State banquet honors Trump, First Lady

A state banquet in honor of US President Donald Trump and the First Lady has been held at the Imperial Palace.
Trump is the first state guest since Emperor Naruhito took the throne at the start of this month.

In his speech, the Emperor said that Japan and the US have overcome challenges and fostered mutual understanding and trust.
He described the countries as extremely close neighbors, spanning the Pacific.

Emperor Naruhito said, "I sincerely hope that, while always taking it to heart that the current Japan-US relations are built upon the sacrifices and dedicated efforts made by so many people, the peoples of our two countries will continue to contribute to peace and prosperity in the world to bring about a future filled with hope, all the while further expanding the scope of our cooperation and deepening our unwavering bond."

Trump said he was profoundly honored to be the first state guest in the new Reiwa era.

He also said the US-Japan alliance is a rich inheritance and a gift that must be passed on to future generations.

Trump said, "We embrace the limitless potential now before us: to cooperate on new frontiers of technology, space, infrastructure, defense, commerce, diplomacy, and many other areas of shared promise."