Students Practice Calligraphy Ahead Of New Year

Students practice calligraphy ahead of New Year

Elementary school students in Fukaya City, near Tokyo, have been given an opportunity to hone their calligraphy skills ahead of the New Year.

About 120 students in grades three to six took part in an annual calligraphy training session hosted by the Saitama Institute of Technology on Sunday.

The children sat on the floor at the university's gymnasium to practice writing various characters. Some of the phrases were "friends around the world" and "cherry blossoms."

Members of the institute's calligraphy club tutored the children on how to properly use a brush. The pupils then tried their hand, paying close attention to the size and balance of each character.

One sixth-grader said she was able to improve her calligraphy skills thanks to the help of the instructors. She says she will practice at home what she learned.