Students Put On Korea - Themed Film Fest

Students put on Korea-themed film fest

Hundreds of thousands of Korean families have lived in Japan for generations, but some Japanese say they know little about their history.
To help shed some light, a group of university students in Tokyo held a film festival, putting Korea at center stage.

18 films were shown at the weeklong festival organized by students at Nihon University College of Art.
One depicts a North Korean resettlement program that led about 100,000 Koreans to leave Japan for the North.
The decades-old program referred to Pyongyang as "paradise on earth."

A visitor said that the festival was a good opportunity to know about the issue which he was not familiar with.

The organizer says the issue was taken up to mark the warming ties between the two Koreas this year.

The group's leader Kiwako Kaneko said she wants others of her generation to know more about Koreans in Japan and on the peninsula.