Students Thank Taiwan For 3/11 Disaster Support

Students thank Taiwan for 3/11 disaster support

Japanese students in Taiwan have held an event to thank people on the island for the support Japan received after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The students gathered in Taipei on Sunday, one day before the eighth anniversary of the disaster that devastated northeastern Japan.

Japan received donations of about 200 million dollars from Taiwan after the disaster. Japanese students have been holding an event every year to express their gratitude.

The participants observed a moment of silence before the students read out messages of thanks from people in the affected areas.

The students told the story of a couple who rebuilt their home to preserve the memories of their teenage son who was killed in the disaster.

They also talked about farmers in Fukushima Prefecture who are trying to dispel anxiety about the safety of their vegetables after the nuclear accident.

A visitor said she was impressed that people in Japan are still grateful for the support from Taiwan. She said it appears the situation in northeastern Japan has changed a lot and she wants to visit next year.

A student from the city of Sendai said Taiwan's support has encouraged people in the affected areas.