Suga: Govt. Failed To Win Understanding

Suga: Govt. failed to win understandingThe Japanese government says it failed to win the court's full understanding in the lawsuit over noise pollution from the US Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga spoke to reporters on Thursday after the Naha District Court ordered the government to pay over 260 million dollars in damages to some 22,000 residents near the base.
The court rejected residents' demands for a ban on US military flights at night.

Suga said the relevant ministries and agencies will coordinate an appropriate response.

He said that to fulfill the purpose of the Japan-US Security Treaty, it is essential for the US forces to have their troops trained and ready for rapid response.
He added it is only natural for them to take public safety into account when doing so.

Suga said the government will ask US Forces to give as much consideration as possible to the impact of noise pollution from aircraft on nearby residents.

He said the government will continue to do its utmost to reduce the burden on residents, through measures such as soundproofing houses.