Suga: Japan To Continue Working On N.korea Issues

Suga: Japan to continue working on N.Korea issues

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says Japan, along with the United States, will continue pressing North Korea to take concrete action toward denuclearization.

Suga told a news conference on Wednesday that Tuesday's US-North Korea summit has lessened the severity of the security situation surrounding Japan.

He said it's no longer the case that missiles could be launched toward Japan at any time.

But he cautioned that not all of the issues with North Korea can be settled at a single meeting. He said Japan will continue working with the United States to prod Pyongyang into fully implement UN Security Council resolutions for denuclearization.

Suga said if progress is made, Japan would be ready to share the initial costs for the International Atomic Energy Agency to resume verification work in North Korea.

As to the abduction of Japanese nationals, Suga said the government is determined to directly confront North Korea and take the initiative to resolve the issue with the support of US President Donald Trump.

Suga stressed it is extremely important that a potential Japan-North Korea summit meeting lead to the resolution of issues involving the nation's nuclear arms, missiles and abductions. He said he hopes such a summit can be arranged.