Suga: Namer Of New Era Will Not Be Revealed

Suga: Namer of new era will not be revealed

Japan's top government spokesperson has expressed reservations about disclosing who will come up with the name for the country's new era, which begins when Crown Prince Naruhito becomes Emperor.

The government plans to announce the name of the era on April 1, one month before the Crown Prince ascends to the throne. Emperor Akihito is set to abdicate the day before, bringing an end to the Heisei era.

On Sunday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters the government appointed multiple experts on March 14 to consider the name for the new era.

On Monday, Suga said they are experts in Japanese literature, Chinese literature, Japanese history and Oriental history. But he refrained from disclosing their specific areas of expertise.

Suga said the experts want their identities to remain secret, and that revealing them would stir unwanted speculation.

He also said their names will not be announced even after the name of the new era is revealed.