Summer Deer Calls Begin In Nara

Summer deer calls begin in Nara

Deer have been summoned from the woods in a ritual ceremony at a park in Japan's ancient capital of Nara.

The deer calls are held every year in the summer and winter at Nara Park. The wild deer are designated by the government as a protected species.

The summer season got underway on Sunday morning when a member of a local foundation that protects the animals blew a ceremonial horn.

About 70 deer emerged from the forest one after another to the sounds of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony.

Tourists watched as they were treated to acorns.

Some people took photos with the animals and fed them with special crackers.

A visitor from Okayama Prefecture said she had never seen the ceremony before and there were more deer than she had expected.

The deer calls will be held every Sunday from 9:30 a.m. until September 22.