Summery Weather Prevails In Japan

Summery weather prevails in Japan

The weather was hot across Japan on Friday. Temperatures topped 30 degrees Celsius for the first time this year in central Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and other cities.

Japan Meteorological Agency says a high pressure system brought sunny skies and high temperatures. Daytime highs topped 30 degrees at 174 observation points.

In the city of Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, the mercury rose to 34.0 degrees. In Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, it climbed to 32.6 degrees. Both were record highs for the month of May.

The daytime high was 32.2 degrees in Fukuoka and Kyoto, 31 degrees in central Tokyo.

Weather officials say summer-like conditions with temperatures above 30 degrees are likely to continue through Monday.

On Sunday, temperatures are expected to exceed 35 degrees in many parts of the country. Those would be record highs for the month of May.

Weather officials are urging people to drink water frequently as a precaution against heatstroke.