Survey: Japanese Youth Spend 3 Hours A Day Online

Survey: Japanese youth spend 3 hours a day online

A government survey shows that young people in Japan are spending nearly three hours each day online, mostly watching streaming videos, visiting social networking sites, or emailing.

The Cabinet Office surveyed 5,000 people aged between 10 and 17 in November and December last year. 3,079 people, or 61.6 percent of those surveyed, responded.

The survey showed the respondents were spending an average of two hours and 49 minutes per day online on weekdays -- nine minutes longer than a year earlier.

Elementary school children were spending one hour and 58 minutes online; 21 minutes longer than the previous year. Junior high school students were online two hours and 44 minutes, or 15 minutes longer.

The survey also found that high school students spent three hours and 37 minutes each day online. That was three minutes longer than a year earlier.

Respondents were asked to give multiple reasons why they use the internet. Seventy-nine percent said they watch online videos; 76 percent said they play games; and 66 percent said they use the internet to visit social networking sites, or for sending e-mail messages.

Cabinet Office officials say young people in Japan are spending longer hours online each year. They plan to analyze the data with the help of experts, so they can determine an appropriate length of time.