Survey Reveals Show - Biz Workers' Desperation

Survey reveals show-biz workers' desperation

A survey of workers in Japan's entertainment industry shows that more than 30 percent of respondents said they had thoughts of death due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The online survey was held between December 31 and January 7 by an emergency support project consisting of more than 30 industry groups. It received responses from 5,378 people, including actors and musicians.

Over 5 percent, or 286 respondents, said they had earned no income since calls for people to refrain from going to live events started growing last spring.

More than 30 percent, or 1,656 respondents, said they had no job offers at the time of the survey.

Upward of 30 percent, or 1,725 respondents, said they had thoughts of death amid the pandemic.

Playwright and director Setoyama Misaki told a virtual news conference on Thursday that arts and culture have been categorized as nonessential, with financial assistance for workers given a low priority.

She said the survey shows the deep anguish creative people are feeling.