Suspect Bought Gas Cans 5km From Arson Site

Suspect bought gas cans 5km from arson site

Investigative sources say the suspect in Thursday's deadly arson attack in Kyoto bought containers and a pushcart to carry gasoline at a store about five kilometers from the attack site.

The fire at Kyoto Animation's studio in Fushimi Ward killed 34 people and injured another 34.

Police plan to arrest the 41-year-old suspect, Shinji Aoba, after his condition improves. He has been undergoing treatment for serious burns at a hospital.

The sources say security camera footage shows the suspect purchasing gas cans, a pushcart and a lighter at a hardware store in Uji City.

Six kitchen knives and a hammer found near the studio are believed to have come from elsewhere.

Investigators say Aoba had been spotted in different places since he arrived in Kyoto several days before the attack.