Suspect May Have Sprayed Gasoline Using Bucket

Suspect may have sprayed gasoline using bucket

Police say the suspect in an arson attack that killed dozens of people at an animation studio in Kyoto may have used a bucket to spray gasoline before setting it afire.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Shinji Aoba on Saturday for allegedly starting the fire at Kyoto Animation on Thursday morning, leaving 34 people dead and 34 others injured.

The 41-year-old suspect sustained serious burns all over his body. He was transferred to a hospital that specializes in burns in Osaka on Saturday.

Police plan to serve the arrest warrant as soon as he recovers.

Police and fire department officials have conducted an on-site inspection for two days.

They say they found what appears to be part of a bucket and a melted piece of plastic believed to be a lighter.

Investigators believe the suspect bought gasoline at a gas station nearby and put it in tanks before heading to the studio.

Police suspect the man put the gasoline in a bucket in advance so that he could spray it soon after entering the building.