Swedish Ambassador Robach Visits Mainichi President In Tokyo

Swedish ambassador Robach visits Mainichi president in TokyoMagnus Robach, who was appointed Swedish ambassador to Japan in September, paid a courtesy call to The Mainichi Newspapers' Tokyo Head Office on Nov. 25 and shared information about his career in a meeting with Mainichi President Yutaka Asahina.

Robach served two years as a reporter for an economic magazine in Sweden before entering the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He was appointed ambassador to Japan after he served as ambassador to Belgium and ambassador to Brazil. He revealed that he had visited the Mainichi Newspapers 30 years ago when he was serving as a press attache at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo.

"Unfortunately, I have not pursued a journalistic career, but as it turned out, a diplomatic one. But there are, of course, some similarities between these two professions," he said. "In fact, my own conviction is that journalism and diplomacy -- they are not really professions; they are more like attitudes."