Takakeisho Pulls Out Of Tourney Again

Takakeisho pulls out of tourney again

New Ozeki champion Takakeisho has pulled out of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament again, one day after he made a comeback.

Takakeisho injured a ligament in his right knee in a bout last Wednesday, the fourth day of the 15-day tourney.

He withdrew on Thursday after his doctor concluded he would need three weeks to recover.

Takakeisho made a comeback on Sunday, saying his condition had improved. But he lost his bout to a lower-ranked wrestler, Aoiyama.

Through Day 8, Takakeisho had a record of three wins, three losses and two rest days.

His doctor says Takakeisho will need another three weeks to recover from a new injury to his right knee.

This is the first time in more than six decades that an ozeki has withdrawn twice from the same tournament.

Takakeisho's stable master says the ozeki told him he isn't in pain, but he cannot wrestle the way he wants. The stable master also feels sorry for Takakeisho's fans.