Takaoka Gallery Explores Roots Of ‘doraemon’ Creator Fujiko F. Fujio

Takaoka gallery explores roots of ‘Doraemon’ creator Fujiko F. FujioFans of manga’s time-traveling “Doraemon” can now explore the roots of the legendary creator of the robotic cat from the future.
The Fujiko F. Fujio Hometown Art Gallery opened its doors here on Dec. 1 to showcase the works and life of Fujiko F. Fujio (1933-1996), who was born and raised in Takaoka before moving to Tokyo at age 20.

The gallery features manga manuscripts and personal items that belonged to the creator of “Doraemon,” “Perman” and many other popular titles. The exhibition space is located on the second floor of the Takaoka Art Museum.

In the permanent display room, rare photos of the manga artist as a young boy and teenager are shown using a re-creation of an opaque projector that Fujiko made as a child.

Born Hiroshi Fujimoto, Fujiko’s growth as a professional cartoonist can be seen through personal items, including a bag he brought with him to Tokyo and a letter of encouragement from Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989), the pioneer of Japan’s manga culture whom Fujiko greatly admired and respected.

Also on display is a short manga piece contributed to the Asahi Journal magazine in which Fujiko recalled a humorous anecdote about when he was first exposed to Tezuka’s work.

The gallery also boasts a rich collection of original manga manuscripts from “Doraemon” and other titles.

“It was the greatest joy for him to receive happy responses (from readers) when he showed them what he thought was fun,” said Yoshiaki Ito, president of Fujiko Pro Co., who led the project to open the gallery. “The gallery is full of his feelings for readers.”