Teachers Clear Snow In Tottori In Bid To Reopen Schools

Teachers clear snow in Tottori in bid to reopen schoolsTeachers here cleared snow from school routes on Feb. 14 as all schools in this city remained closed due to heavy snow over the weekend.

The removal of snow from school routes has been delayed compared to the removal of snow from major roads. All 68 elementary, junior high and senior high school schools in the city were closed as of Feb. 14. At Kyusho Elementary School, teachers have been shoveling snow since Feb. 13 in a bid to reopen classes for the school's 274 students. On Feb. 14, 27 people gathered to clear snow starting after 9 a.m.

Principal Yoshitada Hashimoto said, "The children haven't seen their friends for four days, including Saturday and Sunday. We want them to safely attend school as soon as possible."