Tepco: 2 More Weeks To Get Power Back To Chiba

TEPCO: 2 more weeks to get power back to Chiba

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, says it expects to restore power within the next two weeks to most areas in Chiba Prefecture that were hard-hit by a recent typhoon.

The areas most affected by Typhoon Faxai, which made landfall early on Monday morning, are the cities of Kamogawa, Minamiboso, Tateyama, and the town of Kyonan in south Chiba.

TEPCO said it expects to restore power to 18 other municipalities, including the cities of Kimitsu and Futtsu, within a week.

TEPCO also said most parts of 15 municipalities such as Chiba and Ichihara cities are expected to get power back within the next three days.

Yoshinori Kaneko, President of TEPCO Power Grid, which distributes power in the area, apologized for the inconvenience caused by the blackout. He said they will continue to put every effort into restoring power as soon as possible.

In Chiba Prefecture, currently nearly 180,000 houses are without electricity.