Tepco Moves Up Repair Schedule

TEPCO moves up repair schedule

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it is accelerating repair work in Chiba Prefecture to ensure that as many households as possible can have power again by Friday.

Typhoon Faxai inflicted extensive damage in Chiba and other areas near Tokyo more than a week ago. TEPCO officials said on Tuesday night that more than 50,000 households are still without electricity.

They say repairs have been completed ahead of schedule in more than 300 of about 1,000 areas in Chiba.

They say 85 areas where power was initially expected to be restored by September 27 are likely to have electricity again by Friday.

The TEPCO officials say they hope to restore power by Friday in as many areas as possible, but they did not specify the number.

They add that they plan to complete most of the repair work by September 27 if no further damage is discovered.