Tepco To Reshuffle Beat Managers

TEPCO to reshuffle best managers

Some huge changes are in store for the meeting room of the organization that works the Fukushima Daiichi atomic plant. An arranged reshuffle at Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings is gone for accelerating work at the injured plant and pushing forward with business reforms.

The government possesses a dominant part of the shares in TEPCO Holdings, giving it compelling control. The organization confronts a decades-in length assignment of decommissioning the softened down reactors and paying compensation.

Sources say government authorities are currently putting the completing addresses an arrangement to supplant Chairman Fumio Sudo. Having his spot will be Takashi Kawamura, executive emeritus of gadgets producer Hitachi.

TEPCO Holdings President Naomi Hirose will move toward becoming bad habit administrator and he's going to concentrate on endeavors to help renew Fukushima Prefecture.

Tomoaki Kobayakawa, who heads the group's retail unit, will assume control over his job.
TEPCO arrangements to hold an executive meeting as right on time as Friday to formally support the new lineup.