Terrorism Response Unit Set Up In Tokyo

Terrorism response unit set up in Tokyo

The Tokyo Fire Department has set up a unit that can quickly respond to terrorist attacks. It's part of preparations for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.

The new unit will have the capability to operate rescue, chemical disaster response, and other squads in a centralized manner in the event of terrorist attacks and other disasters.

A ceremony was held on Saturday to mark the creation of the unit, and a drill was opened to the public.

The drill is based on a scenario that explosives in a roller bag were set off in the middle of a scramble crossing. Unit members rescued the wounded.

A command car which facilitates communication with multiple teams and headquarters staff took part.

The vehicle is equipped with multiple monitors to show images from a 360-degree camera and a teleconference system simultaneously. The video system is designed to allow a better understanding of the on-site situation while communicating with headquarters.

The new unit is also expected to be deployed for major fires and natural disasters.