The Downside Of The Holiday Period

The downside of the holiday period

Tourist spots across Japan have been crowded with holidaymakers during the unprecedented 10-day vacation period which lasts through Monday, but not everyone is enjoying the break.

Many health facilities closed for the holidays, leaving some people with disabilities facing gaps in their usual rehabilitation care.

Katsunori Suzuki is partially paralyzed and does rehab once a week. But the hospital he usually attends is closed during the vacation period.

Suzuki says he will have leg spasms if he doesn't do his rehabilitation, but it's difficult for him to do the exercises by himself.

Other people are concerned about losing income during the break.
One woman who spoke to NHK said she had to take her son to a day-care facility because the nursery school he usually attends is closed for the holidays. She says paying the extra cost of about 90 dollars a day is tough.

And a survey by a private research firm of married women who work part-time found that more than 40 percent of respondents said they were not happy about the 10-day break.

Keitaro Kawakami, who led the research, says Japan should reduce the number of public holidays and instead allow people to take their paid holidays when they actually want time off.