Thousands In Chiba Still Without Power

Thousands in Chiba still without power

More than a week after Typhoon Faxai hit the Tokyo area, thousands of households in Chiba prefecture are still without power.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says more than 67,000 households have no electricity. The company says it will take until September 27 to get all the lights back on.

Officials warn that damaged electric wires could cause fires to break out when power is restored.

The company officials are asking residents who are still without power to close a circuit-breaker system when they are out of the house for long periods of time.

And more than 10,000 households are without water.

In Kamogawa city, all elementary and junior high schools have resumed classes, but life is far from back to normal for many. More than 3,000 households in the city are still without power.

One school is providing counseling services for children affected by severe conditions.

School principal Yukio Matsumoto said, "The students looked fine when they came to the school . But some of them said that they're not able to sleep."

Cleanup efforts have also been hampered by rainy weather on Monday.

The owner of a sea resort hotel says it will take over a year to recover due to the extent of the damage, as well as labor shortages holding up progress.

Officials are still in the process of tallying overall damages from the typhoon. They say more than 3,100 houses were damaged so far, but that number could rise. More than a dozen municipalities have not reported numbers yet.