Tokyo 2020 Organizers Preparing For Safe Games

Tokyo 2020 organizers preparing for safe Games

The organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games has stressed it has not started discussions on whether to suspend or postpone the Games due to the ongoing new coronavirus outbreak.

Committee Director General Toshiro Muto told reporters in Tokyo on Wednesday that the basic policy is to prepare for a safe Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This remarks came on the same day that the Japanese government requested that large gatherings, including sports and cultural events, be canceled or scaled down for about two weeks.

Muto said the committee will decide whether to hold scheduled events after analyzing how necessary they are to the Games.

He added that the committee has compiled guidelines so that when events are held, participants will know what preventive measures to take, such as washing their hands.

Disinfectants will be provided and anyone displaying symptoms, including fever and coughing, will be asked to refrain from taking part.

The Olympic torch relay is scheduled to begin on March 26. The event is expected to draw a large number of spectators.

Muto said the committee will consider scaling back the event, and implementing measures to allow for the relay to take place while also preventing the spread of the virus.

He said a basic policy is now being discussed, and he hopes to unveil it before the end of next week.