Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017 Finds New Tokyo Home

Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017 finds new Tokyo homeWith an exciting new venue on tap, the Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) 2017 is headed for five cinemas in the Ikebukuro district in the capital’s Toshima Ward in March, showcasing about 100 animated works from around the world.
The annual TAAF, entering its fourth year, had been held in a multiplex in the Nihonbashi district.

According to officials of the festival’s executive committee, Ikebukuro was selected for the new venue because there are many commercial complexes related to anime that make the district an anime hub. The area also provides a favorable screening environment because of the number of screens and other factors, they added.

The TAAF will be held on March 10-13 primarily in five movie theaters around Ikebukuro Station, screening about 100 animated works from home and abroad.

Several events will also be offered using open spaces in facilities managed by the ward office and commercial complexes. One is a family screening event where parents and their children can enjoy anime films as they lie on the floor, while in another, children can see how stop-motion animation is made.

In addition, anime workshops will be held in the Iidabashi, Ichigaya and Ogikubo districts.

The official website is now taking votes to determine the best 100 anime works from 541 titles theatrically released or broadcast in Japan in the past year.

“We want to promote manga and anime culture from the ‘holy land of manga,’ where Tokiwaso stood, to the world,” said Toshima Ward Mayor Yukio Takano, referring to a now-defunct apartment building once occupied by emerging manga artists.

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