Tokyo Firm Sells Sugar - Free Quality Chocolate At Pharmacies, Hospitals

Tokyo firm sells sugar-free quality chocolate at pharmacies, hospitalsSugar-free chocolate marketed by Mother Renka, a Tokyo-based food importer, has become a big hit in Japan among diabetes patients and others following restricted diets, selling over 150,000 packs a year even though they are only available at pharmacies and hospitals.

The chocolate is made from high-quality cacao beans and, instead of sugar, uses a sweetener that is believed to have a smaller impact on blood sugar levels. It can, therefore, be eaten even by those following a low-carbohydrate diet or other dietary restrictions.

The health-conscious product, manufactured by the world's largest chocolate maker, whose research center is in Belgium, first caught the attention of Takako Ikeda, the company's 49-year-old president, a few years ago and she successfully landed a contract in 2009 to sell it in Japan.