Tokyo Govt. Assesses Damage On Izu Islands

Tokyo govt. assesses damage on Izu islands

Tokyo officials are hurrying to assess damage brought earlier this week by Typhoon Faxai on the Izu chain of Pacific islands, where villages and towns are under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The typhoon swept over the region on Monday morning.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as of 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon, in the village of Niijima island, seven homes were totally destroyed, 14 homes half destroyed, and 418 homes partially destroyed.

In the town of Oshima, which is on the northern tip of the Izu island chain, more than 150 homes are believed to have been damaged, particularly in the southern part.

Officials have yet to grasp the entire picture of damage on both Oshima and Niijima islands. The Metropolitan government is working closely with local municipalities to assess the situation.

Some parts of the two islands are also without internet as optical cables have been severed. Electricity and water services have mostly been restored in Oshima town and Niijima village.

Typhoon Faxai has also caused damage to other parts of the Izu island chain, with 47 homes partially damaged in Kozushima village, 15 homes in Toshima village, 12 in Miyake village, and 4 in Hachijo town.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike plans to visit the remote island areas on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Koike said she will check the extent of damage to lifelines and buildings and see how restoration work is proceeding before considering what actions are needed.

Koike referred to blackouts caused by the typhoon tearing down electric poles. Koike, who advocates installing electric wires underground in Tokyo, said getting rid of electric poles serves disaster management. She indicated that she will speed up efforts to install power lines underground.