Tokyo Infections 'have Spread To All Generations'

Tokyo infections 'have spread to all generations'

Experts say the situation of coronavirus infections in Tokyo is serious as the virus has spread to all generations and through diverse routes.

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday held a meeting with the infectious disease experts to assess the situation. They agreed to maintain the highest level of alert on the four-tier scale for the capital for the third week in a row.

Tokyo reported a new daily record of 367 cases on Thursday.

The meeting heard that the daily average of new infections during the week through Wednesday was 258.1, or 10 percent higher than the previous week. The number of untraceable cases was 154 a day, up nearly 30 percent.

Until recently, most cases were people in their 20s and 30s, but the experts said the infections have now spread to all age brackets. They noted that places of transmission have become more diverse, and include bars, homes and workplaces.

They said an increasing number of people apparently contracted the virus while dining or drinking with others. They advise people to avoid parties and drinking in groups to curb new infections.

On the availability of medical services, it was reported that 1,106 people were hospitalized for the virus as of Wednesday, up about 20 percent from a week earlier.

Twenty-two people were in serious condition. The number has been on the rise, mainly among middle-aged and elderly people.

The experts agreed that the medical system appears to be in need of strengthening -- the second highest level on the four-tier scale.

They said that unlike the first wave of infections, the number of new cases has been gradually increasing for a long time. They added that medical professionals are under continued strain, with no end in sight anytime soon.