Tokyo May Hold Talks With Seoul On Export Controls

Tokyo may hold talks with Seoul on export controls

The Japanese government plans to announce as early as Friday that it will enter into talks with South Korea over Tokyo's export controls.

South Korea launched a procedure earlier this month to file a complaint at the World Trade Organization over the Japanese measure. Seoul asked Tokyo to hold bilateral negotiations on the matter as such talks are a requirement for seeking WTO arbitration.

Japan started implementing a tighter export screening in July on three types of materials destined for South Korea. The items are used to make high-tech products, including semiconductors.

Seoul says Tokyo's action is a politically motivated, discriminatory move against South Korea.

But Tokyo says its measure is necessary to properly manage its exports and does not violate WTO rules.

The two sides need to reach an agreement within 60 days of commencing talks if they hope to prevent the case from going to a WTO arbitration panel.

But the two countries remain far apart, making it seem certain that they will face off at the WTO.