Tokyo Medical Uni: No Gender Bias In Pass Rate

Tokyo Medical Uni: No gender bias in pass rate

Tokyo Medical University says male and female applicants showed almost the same success rate in their latest entrance examination, after it corrected its unfair admission process.

Last year it came to light that the medical school had been rigging exam results for years to favor males over females. Under the practice, applicants who failed previously also had points deducted.

According to the university's website, the number of applicants for this academic year starting in April dropped to about a third of the figure last year.

The male pass rate stood at 16.9 percent, and 16.7 percent for females.

Eight applicants aged 22 or over, who may have failed up to four times before, were accepted this time, compared to only one last year.

The university said along with ceasing the score manipulation, it increased the number of essay reviewers and interviewers to three from two, to increase the impartiality of the admission process.