Tokyo Police On Alert Ahead Of Halloween

Tokyo police on alert ahead of Halloween

Tokyo police are set to mobilize hundreds of officers in the Shibuya district to deal with possible disorder during Halloween celebrations.

The deployments are expected from Saturday to prevent disturbances or accidents among the mostly young crowds of costumed revelers.

A public relations unit, the "DJ Police," may be dispatched near the scramble crossing near Shibuya Station, depending on the size of the crowds.

Officers with the unit will give lighthearted instructions in Japanese and English to maintain order.

Police cordon lines will be in place to regulate the flow of people at the crossing, and traffic may be restricted.

A shopping district near Shibuya Station saw vandalism and disorder during last year's Halloween celebrations. A number of young people were arrested for overturning a light truck.

Shibuya Ward has banned drinking on the streets and in parks near the station for the Halloween period, and is asking stores to refrain from selling alcoholic drinks.

The ward is preparing to mobilize more than 100 security guards on Saturday and on October 31. The police and ward officials are reminding people to behave sensibly while they are having fun.