Tokyo Police On Halloween Alert

Tokyo police on Halloween alert

Tokyo police have mobilized hundreds of riot police in the Shibuya district on Thursday evening for the Halloween celebrations.

The deployment is to prevent accidents or disturbances as costumed crowds of young people and tourists are expected to visit Shibuya to enjoy themselves.

A public relations unit, known as the "DJ Police," will be dispatched near the scramble crossing in front of Shibuya Station. They will give lighthearted instructions in Japanese and English to maintain order.

Police will regulate the flow of people using the crossing, and are also considering restricting traffic in the surrounding area.

During last year's Halloween celebrations, dozens of incidents of vandalism and other criminal activity occurred in the area near the station.

A number of young people were arrested last year for overturning a light truck before Halloween. Thirteen others were arrested for theft, sexual offenses, and other crimes.

This year, some coffee shops and restaurants in Shibuya have decided to turn away drunken people in costumes during the Halloween period.

A cafe near Shibuya Station has put up a notice that says that people who are drunk or wearing grotesque or macabre makeup are not welcome.